The House on Sumac Drive

The House on Sumac Drive tells the shocking story of Russell Faria and his wife Betsy. Russell came home one night from his friends only to find his wife dead on their sitting room floor, initially he thought she had killed herself and rang 911 reporting the incident as such. Upon arrival the police quickly realised that fowl play was involved and that this was no suicide. Russell quickly became the prime suspect and the events that followed are truly shocking.

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  1. The narrators ridiculous way of speaking completely inappropriate and makes a mockery of the situation.

  2. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. No doubt in my mind he’s innocent. I’d never be able to forgive the haters..

  3. Unbelievable miscarriage of justice. It goes to show that minor detail INNOCENCE is utterly worthless if the cops/DA want to pin a crime on you.