How Facebook Changed The World: The Arab Spring

The is the story of how the Arab world erupted in revolution, as a new generation used the internet and social media to try to overthrow their hated leaders.

This film reveals that ancient truism of insurgency may now be obsolete. And that’s because in one sense the television station has already been taken before the first brick has even been thrown, distributed into the mobile phones in everyone’s pocket.

This is a television station you can’t cordon off with a circle of tanks, and one that activists in the Arab world exploited to astounding effect this year. And Mishal Husain’s fast-reaction account of the origins of the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings detailed their operation in fascinating and moving detail.

How Facebook Changed the World reveals how social and political change is being driven by the a Facebooking, tweeting generation of the 21st century, wrong footing the gerontocracy in a matter of months if not weeks through the viral power of the internet.

This documentary offers the inside story on how these movements snowballed from the streets upwards.

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