How Mad Are You?

Take ten volunteers, half have psychiatric disorders, the other half don’t – but who is who?

Over five days the group are put through a series of challenges – from performing stand-up comedy to mucking out cows. The events are designed to explore the character traits of mental illness and ask whether the symptoms might be within all of us.

Three leading experts in mental health attempt to spot which volunteers have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. But will the individuals who have suffered from mental illness reveal themselves?

First of a two-part special. Ten volunteers have come together for an extraordinary test. Five are ‘normal’ and the other five have been officially diagnosed as mentally ill. Horizon asks if you can tell who is who, and considers where the line between sanity and madness lies.

Second part of the special documentary considering where the line between sanity and madness lies as ten volunteers come together for an extraordinary test. With five ‘normal’ volunteers and five who have been officially diagnosed as mentally ill, Horizon asks if you can tell who is who.

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  1. worth watch. I learned how subjective the mentally ill are and also understanding it is important rather than ignorance. I admire James’s empathy.

  2. How can we watch part 2 in the USA??

  3. Where can we watch Part 2? Thank you, Katja

  4. Is there a way to watch Part 2? Thank you!

  5. You know, I really have to ask how “Dr.” Laura, “Dr.” Phil, Nancy Grace and the rest of their ilk can know people so quickly and yet know so little about them? Are they delusional? Here we see 3 professionals who have put 10 subjects through various tasks, to make a diagnosis. They did not come to the best conclusion. Yet, (apparently) “Dr.” Laura can do this over the telephone in less than 3 minutes, Nancy Grace just assumes she is right (and will not go back on HER word) “Dr” Phil does take a little more time but still comes up with solutions right on the spot. Their cohorts all say they all are “Right”. Well, most are politically right. Hee hee.

  6. I never suspected the women (I think her name was Yasmin)! She definately didn’t seem like she had a disorder and I wonder what she had. Dan was more obvious, especially to me since I have a form OCD myself and his way of wording things was similar to my way of thinking. Interesting programme.