How small is the Universe

Horizon plunges down the biggest rabbit-hole in history in search of the smallest thing in the Universe. It is a journey where things don’t just become smaller but also a whole lot weirder. Scientists hope to catch a glimpse of miniature black holes, multiple dimensions and even parallel Universes. As they start to explore this wonderland, where nothing is quite what it seems, they may have to rewrite the fundamental laws of time and space.

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  2. all observable phenomena in the universe is a result of consciousness, it manifests from thought into reality, all thoughts exists as a part of forth dimensional space within the singularity inside the black hole the realm of the sub-conscious, in which the idea of our self is created from the information contained existing as a part of the universal mind -the void ,from where all matter receive’s its function and purpose ,thoughts appears as tachyons which move faster than the speed of light, they are spirals rather than coils and its because of their speed at which they travel that they are viewed as strings, they appear on the smallest scale known, which is called the plank distance,appearing as light that contains and communicates information between the conscious and sub-conscious, it is expelled from extremely tiny black hole when viewed from our scale of reference they appears in 3rd dimensional space as light and move traveling at the seed of light this small distance to be then re absorbed back into the black hole, this happens instantly ,constantly in every moment. life is a dream, all is illusion, every thing is nothing, nothing is every thing, ancient wisdom whos meaning can only now really be understood from what we have only recently discovered in our understanding about the nature of the universe

  3. I used to think this same thing when I was younger! Like when I took chem ‘the atom is mostly empty space’ I immediately thought of the universe. Science is so sexy, the reality of the world around us can seem so unreal

  4. What is SpaceTime? I think can answer that! Summarized duality.
    Frequency and Amplitude
    Microcosm and Macrcosm
    Ying and Yang
    X and Y
    Above and Below
    Masculine and Feminine
    Science and Religion
    Godzilla and Mothra
    The Beatles and Elvis
    God and the Devil
    Volume and Tone
    Heaven and Hell
    Jedi and Sith
    All things big (macro) all things small (micro) can be summarized in this way.

    Time = frequency = speed = when
    Space = amplitude = size = where
    To travel through time, one must also traverse space.
    “Two there always are” ~ Yoda

    • ..also see magnetizm (north and south)
      One last thing about gravity: I dont believe it is a force but rather an effect or symptom of living in an ever expanding universe.
      We are always falling for gravity. *badda-bing. ~D

  5. Always a fun subject – watch and enjoy!