How to Live to 101

This documentary looks at the quest to live longer. It has been one of humanities oldest dreams, but while scientists have been searching, a few isolated communities have stumbled across the answer. On the remote Japanese island of Okinawa, In the Californian town of Loma Linda and in the mountains of Sardinia people live longer than anywhere else on earth.

In these unique communities a group of scientists have dedicated their lives to trying to uncover their secrets. Horizon takes a trip around the globe to meet the people who can show us all how to live longer, healthier lives.

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  1. great video some how u fail too study African American/Black some of witch are here in the states. My G-Grandmother lived to be 96 her health and mind were sharp as a tack. I have a 2nd cousin that turned 96 this year 2011. She still has great health and her mind, walks without a cane she does have some health problems but I don,t think they will cause her death. Both of them people live in TX born and raised. It is very hard to say what give longevity.Good Job!

  2. All the way from New Zealand, My Nana is 90 years old.
    Although to some this may not be much, I think in today’s society she has done very well for herself.
    At the age of 90 she is still strong, having less sicknesses than I have had in my 19 years.

    She is also driving, although a lot slower. the fact of the matter is that she still drives.

    She loves to keep her independence and revolves her life around being accessible to others in need.

    I must also add, that her sister lived till she was 99 years 8 months and 3 days.

    It has been absolutely amazing, watching this. Thank you.

    • im in New Zealand and my grandfather is 93, my grandmother 90. my grandfather is very fit and able, still writes books. he grew up on a farm in Tora, so an active lifestyle plus organic diet, and was an architect & author for his career so sharp mind. my father on the other hand is only 53 and dying of cancer. lived a healthy lifestyle compared to most, but is dying young, before his own parents. we are going backwards, im not looking forward to my future.