How To Start A Revolution

Gene Sharp is Professor Emeritus of political science at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He is known for his extensive writings on nonviolent struggle, which have influenced numerous anti-government resistance movements around the world.

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  1. Gene Sharp has been linked to a number of CIA affiliated “foundations” & US funded “democracy promotion/regime change” NGO’s.
    Ingest anything to do with him with due caution.


  3. This world needs revolution totally!!!

  4. A good documentary. The bottom line is people who rebel with violence are not thinking, they are just reacting. This is precisely how people can be divided and conquered so easily, and also explains why alcohol is legal, and marijuana isn’t. Potsmokers are pacified, while alcohol use removes barriers of control,(intelligence) ergo no thinking, just emotional violent reaction)
    Footnote: The police(even in Canada)were caught during the G20 meeting dressed as demonstrators causing acts of vandalism(caught with large stones in their hands) to justify police intervention. It was just luck they were caught on film by peaceful demonstrators, and exposed. This only proves that the forces of power are also upgrading tactics to disarm the effectiveness of passive resistance promoted by people like Ghandi and Gene Sharp.

  5. Canada needs a revolution. Bay st needs to be taken down along with all of the banks and corporate douchebags. We need to be liberated from the economy.

  6. Copyright claim O_o

  7. Director had it pulled. Here’s another version-

    how to start a revolution

  8. because obama and likes get nobel peace prizes for sending more people in wars ahahaa

  9. Now he needs to write one for America…..”From Fake Democracy to Real Democracy”.

  10. This guy should get a Nobel peace prize. How come he doesn’t get the credit he deserves on the evening news?