How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol

They came from all 50 states out of some sense of patriotic duty to protest an election they believed was stolen. Their day of action was January 6th, 2021, a day when Congress would count electoral ballots and ratify the 2020 results. For some, it was just a rally for their president, but for others that attended it was a call to arms.

In the weeks leading up to the rally, there were over a million mentions of storming the Capital on social media. Maps were shared of the building’s layout, there was talk of bringing weapons and ammunition and discussion over which lawmakers should be targeted first. This anger was all based on a lie.

A lie that had grown more frenzied after the election. A lie spread by the president and his closest allies, some of whom stoked calls for violence. What happened next was pure chaos, insurrection, and death. Then there began a campaign to whitewash history, starting at the top and quickly spreading throughout the Republican party.

In this six-month investigation by The New York Times, we are shown how the events of January 6th, 2021, unfolded via synchronized and mapped videos and police audio of the U.S. Capitol riot.

Directed by: Haley WIllis

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  1. Must of the comments here are just as laughable and deluded and as the documentary and its maker – unless of course they’re simply more paid shills.
    I was hoping this documentary site was going to be a place of truth, the kind that is being encroachingly censored elsewhere, but, naw… More of the same continuum of applications of the Great Deception.
    The Truth being:
    9/11, just like the World Wars, JFK, Gulf of Tonkin, Covid, Vaccines, and many more incidents, were just installments in the continuing Globalist Agenda of the New World Order being implemented by Satanists – many believing themselves to be Luciferians and only those at the top hierarchy privy to the FULL knowledge of which god it is they actually serve… On their face, being Freemasons and many of those ignorant to the more esoteric and most wicked and deadly plans they are enacting…
    If ANY of them knew the FULL Truth –
    That is, that they will each ultimately have their place in the eternal Lake of FIRE right along with their Satanic Masters, They would every one run SCREAMING to the eternal Living God Almighty and throw themselves at the feet of Jesus Christ begging forgiveness.
    As it is, they will serve their beastly evil masters until they are quite surely destroyed in every way possible, and have fully assisted those inhuman demonic entities in the utter destruction of nearly ALL humankind.
    But they have been thoroughly deceived, as surely as if their embraced lies were borne of their own DNA, and without the prayers of the Saints paving the way for Divine Intervention, NONE of them world be saved from their SURE destruction.
    Exactly like those commenting here – so completely STEEPED in the lies that you’ve made it IMPOSSIBLE for Truth to permeate the granite of your hopeless density.
    We’ve warned you.
    You can SURELY see where Biden and Co are taking this country and world – yet you remain BLIND and FURTHERMORE, CONTINUE absurdly to revive reasons for somehow referencing TRUMP as culprit to the current madness.
    We’ve warned you.
    We’ve shared data, info, documentaries, documents, testimonies. We’ve seen and shared the live video pricing that antifa and the FBI organized J6 in order to USE it to persecute Patriots and Conservatives.
    Why did they do so?
    Because this is ALL heading towards ONE outcome:
    They intend massive depopulation, of at least two thirds of the world population, and they intend for Americans to just SUBMIT to EXTERMINATION be any means necessary – to be replaced by cheaper illegals for labor, those who are USED to tyranny and won’t fight back when Fascism is in full force. They will GLADLY accept control and Govt tyranny.
    Those of you who laugh? YOU’RE on the list TOO, you clueless pathetics.
    They ESPECIALLY intend the extermination of CHRISTIANS – those have been the target ask along.
    Just like they’re REFUSING the KILL SHOT.
    Covid and the shot BOTH are bioweapons – but as immersed as all you deceived ones are, i will be STUNNED if you actually take a step back and evaluate TRUTH for WHAT IT IS.
    May God have mercy on your souls.

  2. Spoiler alert! it was actually setup by government agents and Antifa … Time will prove this comment right. just wait.

    • That statement cannot be correct…
      ANTIFA(cists) are against Fascism, which is the way Donald Trump was setting up his reign.

      The anti-fascists have been fighting Fascism since the 1930’s…
      They’re against fascism; therefore against Trump and his Trumpanzees (whom are either of the Fascist pursuasion or are just blind to the reality of Donald Trump’s practices.
      The man is an utter failure. Shame on those who support him.

  3. The media, along with the liberals, blew this completely out of proportion. Was it bad? yes. Was it worse than what we see on a daily basis from a certain minority in this country? Of course not.
    “It’s an attack on our democracy” lol. that doesn’t even make sense…unless you are an uneducated fool a.k.a democrati/loberal/leftist scum.

    • “It’s an attack on our democracy” lol. that doesn’t even make sense”

      They were trying to stop the counting of the votes by Congress inside the Capitol. That’s as clear of an attack on our democracy as you can get.

  4. They are traitors and should have been shot on the spot. All that for a low life like Trump.

  5. one word sums up those rioters traitors!…. and Trump who incited that riot should be behind bars alongside his children who help instigate that insurrection… i can only say now lets hope sanity has returned to the USA with Trump gone but that’s hoping against hope given 74,000,000 Americans voted for him and still believe the election was stolen… so thankful its not my country!

  6. Disgusting white americans.
    They are the greatest threats to democracy.

  7. Impartial High Quality, Unbiased content……..