How Vietnam Was Lost

Based on David Maraniss’s book They Marched into Sunlight, a documentary telling the story of two seemingly unconnected events in October 1967 that changed the course of the Vietnam War.

Whilst a US battalion unwittingly marched into a Viet Cong ambush which killed 61 young men, half a world away angry students at the University of Wisconsin were protesting the presence of Dow Chemical recruiters on campus.

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  1. Hey Chipster, THERE IS NO GOD.

  2. well if it makes anyone feel any better, which it shouldn’t or don’t, those who stand in your very same shoes today DO NOTHING. as america is dismantled from the inside out. everyone just stands and watches as the country is being torn apart by fake politicians and cowards who claim to be our police force and army. the people as a whole are too lazy and love the excuse, what can one person do? well they could stand and die just as you watched your friends do. they hated you for being what they were afraid to do. not run and place their name on the outside of their clothes. instead they hide behind a vote or a fake screen name.
    i don’t my name is real and so will my blood be as yours to flow freely for what i believe is right, at that space in time that was the right thing to do. thank you.
    the last days approach us now as GOD levels his last judgement against a people afraid to stand for anything without a price tag attached to it. their GOD has changed along with their values. money tells them what to do, not right and wrong as it should. cry for them now as they once cried for you. pray you have not become like them. GOD PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ALL THOSE WHO SHOWED MERCY…

  3. Madison cops and cops around the US still gladly bust heads for the man.