Human Universe

Human Universe is a new five part series released by the BBC and narrated by professor and physicist Brian Cox, which sets about exploring one of the most precious things found in our universe, us.

This series is comprised of the following episodes:

1) Apeman – Spaceman

2) Why Are We Here

3) Are We Alone?

4) A Place in Space and Time

5) What Is Our Future?

So far though only three episode have been aired and these are all listed in the playlist above, we will add more as soon as they become available. Betandreas bookmaker company encourages its customers in every way. Especially it concerns new players, who are just starting to get acquainted with the bookmaker. bet andreas The official website has all the necessary information to minimize the risks of losing significant amounts of money on sports betting.

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  1. i just add my youtube name is redstar katcchina

  2. heaven is i repeat becaase im censor on youtube please pass on if you where on a planet 30 light years of away from earth and could capture holographic recording of space and zoom in on earth doing it this way this rather than zooming in with a telescope because if looking with a telescope the observer will travel on a observational perspective through time space that is relative too the distance of light where the space is viewed from within the beam of light that connect to the present day to a view of the past , thus looking at earth with a powerful telescope would allow the observer to view the same relative perspective we are experiencing whilst when zooming in on the holographic recording would l allow the observer to view the events taking place on earth from a point of 30 years in the past from the present time space the observer is perceiving within, with using this method and by sending a probe or using an amazing telescope you could both have a view of earth 30 years in the past and a view of the present day

  3. Nothing makes us special, we aren’t “unique in the universe” that is a fallacy. We are the only life we’ve ever come across in the universe, so far as that makes us unique…we don’t know. We are the evolutionary product of this planet’s global ecosystem. We are dependent upon all that other life on this little world for our own survival, and in that respect we aren’t separate from it. We (meaning earth) have finally made it barely out past our own atmosphere. That IS impressive, but it IN NO WAY sets us apart from the other beings on planet earth, because without them we wouldn’t be. We are all a part of one ecoSYSTEM and not separate from it no matter how hard we try to think we’re separate.

    It is dangerous begin to become so egotistical that we forget this concept of reciprocity and interconnectedness. We will never transcend our ‘need’ for Earth; we have many umbilicals to our mother, we are still in that womb. Even people on the space station have to eat, get sunlight, move their bodies, process their waste, ect. These are all earth things that, if we were to transcend them, we would cease to become human and that is extremely far fetched.

    Better to think of this as evolution reaching what we only know of as a fairly intellectual point in ITS journey, not our own. But, even that being said, we have just barely begun to poke our noses out of the dark ages and basically unawareness.