Human Weapon: Karate

Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff travel to Okinawa, Japan, the home of one of the most famous and deadly martial arts, Karate. Their journey takes them to a 600 year-old castle where they spend time practicing Iron Body Training, an ancient temple where they learn heart-stopping vital point strikes and go through training regiments of ancient Karate masters, and finally leading to a Kumite(sparring match) with a real black belt, and Okinawan Champion fighter.

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  1. Contains a lot of misinformation, glossing over of important historical points, and shows an overall poor quality of research and fact-checking. Just what I’d expect from American entertainment.

  2. The typical semi-superficial american entertainment type of documentary fun to watch eatin’ popcorn dreankin’ gallons of soda. You wont find nothing new about karate if you knew the basics from before. to make a long story short I give it a 4.5/10 but heeei who says it’s bad!? 😛

  3. Does it include ground fighting techniques in Kyokushin Karate ? I always see only standup fighting style in Karate. In the case of street fight, if the fighters fall on the ground, nobody body will ask the fighters to stop, stand up and restart the fight again like in the match of this documentary….