Hunt For The Arctic Ghost Ship

In 1845 and ambitious British expedition set out to find one of the greatest prizes in all of exploration, the elusive Northwest Passage, a sea route to the Pacific Ocean through the Arctic Ocean. Armed with the latest equipment Sir. John Franklin lead two ships into uncharted Artic waters, but they vanished never to return.

There is no story in the history of British exploration that ends as tragically as this, 129 men simply disappeared without a trace off the face of the Earth. However clues have been found, bodies discovered in the ice, unexplained sightings of a mysterious ghost ship and even signs of cannibalism but without the ships themselves this remains one of the worlds most enduring maritime mysteries.

In 2014 archeologists mounted the biggest modern search for the wrecks, combining 21st century technology and previously dismissed eye witness accounts they made an astonishing discovery. After more than a century of searching one of Franklins lost ships is coming back from the dead and this film gives us exclusive access.

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