The Hunt for Britain’s Metal Thieves

In the past three years more than £13 million worth of metal has been stolen from Britain’s railway network. Cables, wiring and the rails themselves are removed by thieves who take advantage of the relative accessibility of the metal and the high prices it will fetch. (Thanks to Chinese demand, prices have risen 500 per cent in a decade.) Cameras follow British Transport Police in Yorkshire as they try to catch the criminals. We also see the effects of other thefts, from manhole covers to war memorials and churches.

This documentary shows the British Transport Police’s fight back against a new crime wave, metal theft, which sees gangs across Britain tearing apart the country’s infrastructure, stripping metal from railways, power stations, churches and war memorials. The film reveals the consequences of these actions, from the risk of electrocution to thieves to the emotional distress experienced by victims.

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  1. War Memorials, that is sad. I thought we had it bad here in the U.S.. Crackhead and Heroineheads robbing vacant houses of any copper pipes and brass water fittings from faucets to water main shut-off values to water meters and cashing it in. Even taking Catalytic Converters off of cars in the middle of the night for the Platinum. It’s just ridiculous. Poor people should have stayed in school and gotten their education instead of out robbing people and selling drugs.

  2. Poor people… please stop breeding. Thank you.

  3. Detailed and clear. Thank you.