Hunt For The Unabomber

Inside a primitive cabin located in Lincoln, Montana, one man declared war on the world, provoking the greatest manhunt in the history of the United States. From 1978 to 1996 he created explosive devices, destroyed lives and threatened a nation, how was it that one man managed to evade capture for almost two decades?

Nobody in their right mind expected to find a man who had a PhD in mathematics, living alone in the wilderness with no running water or electricity but yet able to construct such sophisticated bombs out of everyday pieces and where it not for the selfless act of his family he might very well still be at large today.

His name was Ted Kaczynski, he became known to the world as the Unabomber. This film sets out to discover who exactly was Ted Kaczynski and what was it that drove him to commit such acts of terrorism. Through a number of interviews with family members and those who worked the case we gradually delve deeper into the mind of Kaczynski.

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