Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia

In modern-day Russia it is estimated that just a mere 1% of the LGBT population live their lives completely open in regards to their sexuality. A recent anti-gay amendment to the “propaganda” law seems to have triggered an ever increasing number of assaults on the gay community, both men and women seem to be getting beaten up by vigilantes, who for the most part are going unpunished for their crimes.

This film directed by Ben Steele examines the hostile climate these people live in and even though homosexuality was legalised in Russia over 20 years ago we get a glimpse into what every day life is like for those who are gay and living there. As one gay man who is featured in the documentary puts it “Hunting season is open…and we are the hunted.”, this man also happened to loose sight in one eye after being attacked himself.



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  1. this link works

    Pretty messed up what the russian police are allowing isn’t there some sort of law against kidnapping and torture in Russia and if the russians belive gay people are mentally ill why wouldn’t they try to help them? Or do they treat their mentally ill the same way?

  2. Absolutely disgusting ! I am glad I live in the UK.It may not be perfect here but thankfully most gays don’t have to tolerate that level of abuse here.

  3. I did not care for this documentary. OK…we all know that rules are different in different countries. Why did they not speak with government officials? Why only focus on Russia when other governments also take stands about homosexuality? Will there be a sequel about Iran and gays?

  4. Why do these videos have a huge blue block on the bottom that takes up half the screen?