Hunting Magnotta

A few years ago hardly anybody had ever heard of a man called Luka Magnotta but in 2010 this individual began posting videos of himself killing cats in various sadistic ways, from feeding a kitten to a python to putting two in a plastic vacuum bag and sucking the air out until they suffocated. These videos caused outrage on the internet and a group of individuals set about trying to hunt him down and get him prosecuted for these crimes but their initial efforts appeared to be in vein as the Canadian police didn’t seem to interested.

The very same person on May 25th 2012 released a video titled “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick” on the internet which depicted a naked male tied to a bed frame being repeatedly stabbed with an ice pick and a kitchen knife, then dismembered, followed by acts of necrophilia. This resulted in an international manhunt which came to an end in Berlin, Germany and Luka Magnotta now stands charged with the murder of a young Concordia University student from China called Lin Jun.

This is the full story of the events described above.

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