Hutch v Kinahan: Ireland’s Deadliest Feud

Crime correspondent Sarah O’Connor investigates the origins of Ireland’s deadliest gang feud, a major feud between two criminal organisations that has left eighteen people dead. The Hutch gang, led by Gerry Hutch, and the Kinahan Family, led by Christy Kinahan, are the main participants.

The start of all of it came from the killing of Gary Hutch, 34, who was a nephew of Gerry Hutch and a prominent gangland figure. He was shot dead in an apartment complex near Marbella in Spain on 24 September 2015. It is believed he was shot dead by the Kinahan gang.

This led to the Regency Hotel attack which happened on the 5 Feb 2016 which saw at least four attackers with masks, army style-helmets and flak jackets, two of whom were disguised as members of the Garda Emergency Response Unit and armed with AK-47s. An associate of the Kinahan cartel, David Byrne (32) was shot dead; security sources said that the gang had intended to kill others. This attack gave rise to an all out gangland war.

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