HyperNormalisation is a film by British filmmaker Adam Curtis, it tells the incredible story of how we have managed to get to this bizarre time of uncertainty and confusion, a time where we see those who are meant to be in power become paralysed, searching for answers.

Curtis argues the case that ever since the 1970’s, those in power i.e. governments, financier, and technological utopians have given up on the complicated “real world” in favour for a simplified “fake world”, one which is controlled by corporations and merely kept stable by politicians. However, as time moves forward we seem to keep witnessing events that appear to be inexplicable and out of control, take the election of Donald Trump for example or Brexit, perhaps the War in Syria or the countless number of random bomb attacks.

Curtis explains not only why events such as these keep happening but also why we and our political leaders can’t seem to understand them. The film reveals that we have all retreated into a simplified “fake” version of the world because it is all around us and we choose to accept it as normal.

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