HyperNormalisation is a film by British filmmaker Adam Curtis, it tells the incredible story of how we have managed to get to this bizarre time of uncertainty and confusion, a time where we see those who are meant to be in power become paralysed, searching for answers.

Curtis argues the case that ever since the 1970’s, those in power i.e. governments, financier, and technological utopians have given up on the complicated “real world” in favour for a simplified “fake world”, one which is controlled by corporations and merely kept stable by politicians. However, as time moves forward we seem to keep witnessing events that appear to be inexplicable and out of control, take the election of Donald Trump for example or Brexit, perhaps the War in Syria or the countless number of random bomb attacks.

Curtis explains not only why events such as these keep happening but also why we and our political leaders can’t seem to understand them. The film reveals that we have all retreated into a simplified “fake” version of the world because it is all around us and we choose to accept it as normal.

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  1. The HyperNormalisation documentary
    presents the Sunni Islam view
    on the West, on US, on the Sunni Iran regime.
    By the billionaire Sunni Muslim who sponsored this documentary , Saudi? Qatari? Non of those countries are mentioned?
    although by this “documentary”
    The Middle East is the center of the Universe 👌 Syria in the center, Israel is the cause of all the problems in the Middle East..
    BTW, it’s an evil lie that Israeli soldiers witnesses the Sabra & Shatila massacre (google this)
    But I guess that it’s a central event in the world! so it must be mentioned in the Documentary, the same as Syria & Lybia.

    The Sunni Muslim Billionaire sponsor paid to Curtis, so he will say that
    The Quran prohibits to commit suicide
    SURE! unless is for thr name of Allah, Martyrdom (google this)
    and that Shie Iran invented the Suicide Attacks 👌 False, it was thr Sunnis, centuries before (google this)

    A Sunni Billionaire $$$$$ paid to Adam Curtis so he will perception manage people in the west, telling dramatic stories/facts, and it does not matter if true or false 👌

    Who is the Documentary sponsor?

  2. The quality of the sound and video is abysmal and makes it almost impossible to watch this, unfortunately.

  3. The same “OLD BAG OF TRICKS” to worship your Government, and to worship your Religion which in turn makes you a good person can be found in the History of The Human Beings clear back to the beginning of The Book of Genesis found in The Bible; thus, The craftiest Beast in the Garden is “The Talking Serpent,” and it came about when superstitious Human Beings noticed that the old serpent shed its skin, and appeared young and vibrant again as though it could never die; thus, it was believed that the serpent had a gift of Eternal Life, and “Religion” was born! And the talking part of “The Talking Serpent” is that you become quiet and listen to what the Religion has to say, and you become Religious following in Slavery to think as the Religion wants you to think which hinders the subject to the advantage of the Religion. Then Religion created “The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” which stated that Religion can write the Laws to follow in which the Religion can dictate what is Good and what is Evil; thus, “Governments” were born! And it became as it is today which is to let Religions and Governments destroy your “Critical Thinking” in order that you can become Religious and Patriotic too! Thus, you will now have Eternal Life in the After Life, and this becomes the driving force to enslave Human Beings to sacrifice their Independent Critical Thinking for the benefits of the Religions and the Governments to reap; therefore, Religions and Governments get to live in Luxury off of the Slavery of their subjects, and it is the same old bag of tricks that actually still works in the 21st Century as it successfully worked all the way back to the book of Genesis in The Bible, and because of this Slavery, The Human Beings stopped evolving because they continue to live in the same old bag of tricks; therefore, The Human Being Species remains a Superstitious Primitive Ape that is only slightly evolved above that of a Neanderthal; however, Technology has advanced to the point that the slightly above a Neanderthal Human Beings can now actually destroy themselves into extinction from Global Nuclear Warfare in which the Nuclear Weapon has the nickname of, “DRAGON!” Proving that “The Talking Serpent” and “The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” are Death, and Death follows those who convert to them; thus, the warning to Adam and to Eve to stay away from the Superstitious Human Beings. EYE 5

    • this needz moar chem-trailz … lol

    • To make America Great Again, America must do their homework to realize their mistakes; such as, nothing in a Commercial Building has the Mathematical Energy to melt steel, and to melt concrete, and to melt granite, and be oxygen deprived as well, and also to continue to burn for 24 hours, and for 7 days a week, and for 3 months without refueling; also, nothing of a Commercial Jumbo Jet Airplane has the Mathematical Energy to burn for 24 hours, and for 7 days a week, and for 3 months without refueling; however, the exception can be found in Nuclear Mathematics such as that found in the Nuclear Power Plant disaster of Chernobyl in Ukraine, and the Nuclear Power Plant disaster of Fukushima in Japan; therefore, to make America Great Again Americans must do their homework to realize their mistakes, and that nothing but only Nuclear Mathematics can explain September 11, 2001 and how the fires in the basements of New York’s North Tower, and of New York’s South Tower, and of New York’s Tower Seven could melt steel, melt concrete, and melt granite, and to do this for a total of 3 months without any refueling other than it being Mathematics of a Nuclear Nature; such as, the Mathematical Evidence which indicates that Nuclear Weapons were used in the basements of The North Tower, The South Tower, and Tower Seven, and that there was a Nuclear Meltdown in these basements which can be seen in the images on the Internet Search of “911 Melted Granite,” and it is this evidence that removes the Muslims from the Mathematical Equation of September 11, 2001, and the evidence now places The White House as the culprit, and The White House knew what The White House itself had done, and that was that The White House itself placed Nuclear Weapons in The Commercial Buildings’ Basements; therefore, it is The White House that knew how to lie and knew how to mislead the Americans to the target that The White House wanted; thus, The White House had targeted The Muslims of The Middle East because the Muslims have access to the easiest and cheapest oil and natural gas upon the entire World; therefore, the continuing motive of The White House is to totally steal The Middle East. Thus, to make America Great Again, America must do their homework to realize their mistakes at being mislead by their own White House, until this happens it will remain Business as usual, and America will see its Empire continue to die in corruption comparable to that of The Roman Empire, and The White House’s behavior could quite easily lead to a World War Three. EYE 5

      • How strange it will be for Human Beings to survive World War Three; how strange it will be that Armageddon will be the name of World War Three; how strange it will be for Human Beings to survive Armageddon, and realize that Governments and Religions could actually end the Human Being Species altogether in EXTINCTION! How strange it will be of how The Human Beings will react to this Reality! How strange it will be that Human Beings no longer exist to read this entry. EYE 5

        • Hear, hear….. slx5c, I’m thinking you’re on the right track, and that the entire show is careening out of control due to 7 billion people and no one knows what it’s all about. Al Bartlett’s web site regarding exponential growth is illuminating…. he realized that the majority of people have no idea what that all means regarding such growth, and that this unlimited growth could well bring about our demise.