I Believe in UFOs

I Believe in UFOs  documentary from the BBC features actor Danny Dyer as he investigates topics that include UFOs, aliens from beyond Earth, crop circles, and other paranormal phenomena. Dyer holds discussions with several expert researchers, authorities on UFOs, and individuals who report having mysterious and unexplained encounters that may have had extraterrestrial origins.

The film I Believe in UFOs attempts to provide an even-handed presentation, interviewing people on all sides of the paranormal issue and balancing the ideas of those who believe in such occurrences with those who remain skeptical of them.

Included in the film is fascinating footage of crop circles from 2009 and a display of discomfort by Danny Dyer during a spiritual session at ECETI with James Gilliland, a UFO enthusiast who has published testimonials from among the thousands of people who have visited his ranch and been witnesses to UFO sightings.

Dyer talks with one man who has claimed to have evidence indicating that he was abducted by extraterrestrials. Dyer also investigates the reported discoveries of UFO landing sites, as well as alleged proof that beings from beyond Earth have performed scientific experiments in Britain.

One of the high points in the film is Dyer’s meeting with his childhood hero, Sir Patrick Moore, amateur astronomer and former president of the British Astronomical Association. Moore gained fame through the authorship of some 70 books and as a long-time presenter on The Sky at Night, a BBC television series. Moore has been credited with enhancing astronomy’s profile among the general public in the United Kingdom.

Dyer’s quest for information about UFOs and his attempt to have a sighting of his own ultimately takes him to the UFO Research Center in Portland, Oregon.


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