I Know What I Saw

I Know What I Saw is a documentary guaranteed to change the way we see the universe. Director James Fox assembled the most credible UFO witnesses from around the world to testify at The National Press Club in Washington D.C. including Air Force generals, astronauts, military and commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries who tell stories that, as Governor Fife Symington from Arizona stated, “will challenge your reality”.

Their accounts reveal a behind-the-scenes U.S. operation whose policy is to confiscate and hoard substantiating evidence from close encounters to the extent that even Presidents have failed to get straight answers. ‘I KNOW WHAT I SAW’ exposes reasons behind government secrecy from those involved at the highest level. James Fox has won the support of several key media, government and military personnel, and has made numerous television and radio appearances.

Additionally, because of the strength of his ratings and the high level of interest from his audience, Larry King has indicated to James Fox an interest in promoting I Know What I Saw. With the worldwide unrelenting UFO fascination and the phenomenal success of fictional UFO films, it is high time for an up-to-date documentary about UFOs for worldwide release.

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  1. I once saw a UFO. I was at home with my granddad, and it was just about bedtime when he called me out to the porch and told me to look up. There i saw this huge cigar-shaped brown thing, with lights running all along the sides. Then it turned the front towards me and i got “beamed” by the UFO.

    That is the story of how me and grandpa had sex on the porch.

  2. i haven’t even watched this but surely the definition of a UFO is not knowing what you saw, hence it being ‘unidentified’ -.-

  3. it keeps getting repeated how honest and prestigious these professional wittnesses are well i can assure everyone that im neither an airforce pilot diplomat general or politician and i can say with complete certainty that the ordinary person on the street should be treated with the same dignity as all these profesionals i myself witnessed a ufo about 40 years ago and suprisingly it relates to some of the sightings reported on here it was a bright orange circular object in the distance which travelled at great speed in the sky and stopping instantly a number of times then suddenly speeding off into the distance and completely disappearing from sight i class myself to be as honest as any of the professionals on here

  4. How about the title “I know what i didn’t see” since these people have no idea what they saw, but they know they didn’t see flares or military aircraft because then they would recognize them. Also the mayor said he was going to find out if they saw a UFO… what an idiot, they don’t know what they saw but it was flying so YEAH THEY SAW A UFO. ITS AN UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT FOR A REASON!

  5. Don’t confuse UFOs with Alien life… There are plenty of UFOs spotted every day…

  6. Straight up, their out there. It is ridiculous to think otherwise. In an infinitely expanding universe, with countless galaxies and billions of planets, this little speck called earth is the only one with (intelligent) life forms is asinine. For all we know we are their little petri dish of alien fascination. Why the big secret anyway?? Humanities collective fabric will just unravel to know the truth..come on, we can thank reality tv for that already.
    Great doc, nice to see all the authoritative voices in one room.

  7. Pretty decent doc.  The only annoying thing is the subtitling for the ‘foreign’ people speaking english but not for the American astronaut at the end, who you can barely understand with his southern mumble drawl.  Otherwise, totally worth it.

  8. I have interviewed a “eyewitness” who swears the essence of this, “I Know What I Saw is a documentary” is true… My book skates on the fringes of this topic. Eyes Wide Shut: An Enigma – Fiction Based Upon Actual Events. The area from Mojave Air and Space Port to Area 51 is ideally suited for covert, black box projects. No one has the need to need. They hide in plain sight…

  9. This can be found on youtube. It’s in nine parts. Pretty good. 🙂