I Love My Bicycle

17-year-old Steve Crandall started a company called Fat Bald Men (FBM). It began as selling t-shirts type of thing and later turned into one of the most respected DIY bike companies in existence. This documentary is about Fat Bald Men (FBM) and it follows the fortune and misfortune follow FBM through their 15 years of mayhem. The story is told by Steve Crandall and the other people from the BMX community including close friends and influential riders like Dave Mirra and Mat Hoffman.

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  1. Awesome this movie is like the Dogtown of Bmx.

  2. always loved these guys when they came around, legends now really. wish they would of showed up on the scene earlier, my dad would not have had to buy me so many shit chinawanese bikes…everything they did and do is cool, why attitude and the love of the riding kick ass BMX… keep it up fatty!!!