I Shot My Parents

An incredibly shocking statistic exists in the United States, and that is that five parents are killed by their children each and every week. For most of us the idea of killing our own parents would be an unimaginable thought to conceive of but for Nathon Brooks this was his very plan. Back in 2013 Nathon was 14 years old, one night he walked into his parents bedroom and shot them both in the head while they slept.

It was clear that Nathon had every intention of killing his parents but incredibly both this mother and father survived.

I Shot My Parents is an incredible film which through interviews with Nathon and his family tries to gain some sort of understanding for his actions. We follow the incredible journey the Brooks family embark on as they come to terms with what their son did and attempt to understand it.

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  1. “it’s hunting, it’s not killing…so..I don’t know what happened”.. ahhh… That is one demented upbringing! I can suggest WHAT HAPPENED! YAY, NATHAN!

  2. 👍😂😂😂😂
    Great journalism lads.

  3. Reviews are suppose to be objective yeh?. Why remove mine so. ?

  4. BBC just done a farytale documentary on a sociopath, and want all of us to feel sorry for him. Parental love is totally unconditional for them.. lucky boy. But seriously

  5. An excellent and disturbing film. Nathon is my grand-nephew by marriage. My current wife and I know his parents. They are wonderful people, solid citizens, who had Nathon on a fairly tight leash. We met Nathon once or twice. He was a quiet child, somewhat withdrawn, very respectful. Big for his age. No one could have ever predicted that he would do what this film documents. After the incident, we were perplexed on how to respond, because Beth and Jon were his caregivers and his victims at the same time. How could we help, was the question? They encountered the same dilemma when dealing with the prosecutor’s office – how do you nurture a child who has just tried to kill you? Nathon’s first public defense attorney was incompetent; she had worked in the prosecutor’s office and was completely intimidated by him. The attorney he ended up with did the best job anyone could, in my opinion, in getting the charge downgraded to assault with a deadly weapon. Nathon is serving a lengthy sentence but not nearly as long had he been convicted of attempted murder. This documentary does a good job of depicting how disconcerted and puzzled both Nathon and his parents were afterward. A lot of unanswered questions, and a lot of time to think about it.