Ice Age Columbus: Who were the first Americans

Firmly rooted in the latest scientific discoveries, this fascinating docudrama explores the theory that Europeans came to America much earlier than previously thought.

New archaeological data and the latest DNA research suggest that an ice bridge, formed during the last ice age, spanned the Atlantic. Follow the adventures of a Stone Age family as they travel from France and settle in America — about 17,000 years before Columbus was even born.

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  1. you mean ‘mercan indians are immigrants too? that’ll teach ’em. how many generations we gotta buy them new houses any who?

  2. Why all the Gringo Documentaries about the “discovery” of America are against the Hispanic Culture? The Name of the man was Cristobal Colon because he was an Spanish Citizen.

  3. This was interesting, but the beginning of the film is grainy, and the mini episodes appear to skip too far ahead.
    Glad I didn’t live then!!!

  4. its evolution 

  5. More bullshit made up reasons for Europeans to feel entitlement to lands which were never theirs.

    • well what makes it theres and not ours? you can be sure they killed for the land they got we were just stronger and clever. think of it as evolution

  6. So.. does than mean that early Americans are effectively generations of inbred French? That would explain a lot!

  7. The more we learn, the more we learn what we do not know… Another “piece” of our “puzzle” fits together. It is a process. Exciting information. Perhaps there were many “waves” of immigrants over centuries from different continents that arrived upon our shores…