Iceman Reborn

The story of the Iceman is an ancient murder mystery, it involves Europe’s oldest natural mummy, known to us today as Otzi. He was a man who was stalked, attacked and left to die alone more than 5,000 years ago. Thanks to the formation of some glacial ice Otzi was preserved and later discovered in remarkable condition.

Due to the quality of his remains scientists, historians, and archeologists have been able to make groundbreaking discoveries about a crucial time in human history. In order to prevent contamination or decay this mummy had long been locked away in a frozen crypt, that is until now.

In this NOVA special artist and paleo-sculptor Gary Staab has been granted rare access to Otzi’s remains in order to create an exact replica of the mummy, from which scientists and the general public can then study in greater detail. Through the process of replicating Otzi new revelations about his life and legacy come to light and reveal some surprising secrets hidden in his genetic code.

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