The Illusion of Time

Lying just beneath everyday reality is a breath taking world where much of what we perceive about the universe is wrong. Physicist and best selling author Brian Green in this film takes us on a journey that bends the rules of the human experience. This world of oddity really only comes to light as we probe the extreme realms of the cosmos from black holes to the big bang and in this Nova special we explore the very heart of matter itself.

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  1. All we are, is dust in the wind dude.

  2. Life finds a way!

  3. The illusion of time. must include a definition of eternity. What is eternity? Everlasting life was a promise given by Jesus Christ to His Faithful. This concept has .no physic ;s application, as it cannot be quantified in any manner. Time may be as this video states, but the end result is all life and love end in death/ Thus, , as Camus and Sarte has mused, all life is meaningless, A creation with no purpose but to meaninglessly live and die.. Rejoice daughter of Zion. The Command of God is Life Eternal. This is the Holy Holy Ones prime directive, ( ala Star Trek)..The purpose of Life is for life , to give life, to life, with the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, unto Eternal Life, There is no reason for this in the mind of man, it just IS in the mind of God. It is absolute. Absolutely IS. We do not comprehend this, with our reason, but those who love know it implicitly in Faith ads love of God,

  4. I was under the impression that time was just a unit of measurement. Would this also mean that and inch is not an inch or something of the sort?

  5. What a load of shit