In It’s Image

In the mid 70s, an aspiring theoretical physicist made what he and many others feel is the most important discovery in the world. This very significant documentary is about the resulting invention, one that can author all subsequent ideas, provide a totally unanticipated cosmology, and possibly deliver us from death.

This is a blurb from the In Its Image Incorporated website…

In Its Image Incorporated is a California non-profit corporation that is literally dedicated to saving everyone’s lives. Its primary mission is to achieve life extension through the melding of human consciousness with a radically new kind of machine intelligence. Its secondary mission is to demonstrate the plausibility of achieving this profound purpose, and in so doing, fund the main objective of immortality.

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  1. Live forever? No thank you. But add another 200 years to my life and I might be interested.

  2. Why does anyone want to die? There will inevitably be a market for such a technology, complete with an optional package for experiencing simulated death in the midst of one’s selfish and arrogant immortality! Besides, this documentary is about so much more.

  3. Sounds all so intellectual and quite reasonable. Until you ask the question why. Why would someone WANT immortality. Even stars are born and then die and yet we humans wish to pretend we are more special than a star? Such arrogant selfishness.

    Not surprising a theoretical physicist would hope for immortality. Always one more problem to solve after all.