In Saddam’s Shadow: 10 Years After

Ten years after the US invasion of Iraq, this documentary series by Vice takes us to Baghdad to see how the city is doing. The film is guided by Waleed Nesyif, after eight years away he is returning home for the first time.

VICE founder Suroosh Alvi hangs with a Baghdadi biker gang who fondly remember the days of Saddam’s rule, and we get a tour of a city that used to be covered non-stop in the American media, but now seems to be somewhat forgotten.

The film investigates the struggles of emo kids and gays living in Baghdad, with recent reports of emo teenagers being beaten up and even murdered because of their hair and clothes, but how much is true and how much is media sensationalism?

We also learn about the ADE 651, a small device the Iraqi military uses at checkpoints to detect bombs in cars. Problem is, these little wands were proven to be ineffective three years ago. So why are these cheap pieces of plastic still being used?

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