In The Shadow Of Feeling

This film explores what it is that makes children develop into adult psychopaths. We often picture psychopaths as criminals and murderers but this is not always the case, a psychopath is essentially an individual who lacks empathy or the ability to feel remorse. They can however perfectly mimic the visual aspects of such emotions but rarely feel them internally.

We consider psychopaths to be somewhat of a rarity but in actual fact it is estimated that roughly 2% of the worlds population are completely psychopathic, whilst around 15% could be considered to be Partial Psychopaths. It is scary to think that nearly 2 in every 100 children born could develop into adult psychopaths, but only a small fraction of these children will actually ever go on to commit extreme crimes such as murder. Many will however go on to do extremely well in business or politics.

In The Shadow Of Feeling follows the story of Johnathan, a 17 year old boy who was labeled a psychopath at age 14, whilst being on trial for first degree murder. We see how several factors played a role in his psychological development, including parenting, genetics, and society.

Throughout we hear Johnathan himself explain the story of his childhood, examining his home life we gain a better understanding of how he came to be considered a psychopath.

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  1. insightful.

  2. Donald Trump……….just throwin’ that out there! 😉

  3. There is a clip of an old discredited anti-homosexual film in here used in the 50s!

  4. Psychopaths do not “develop” in childhood. THEY ARE BORN! Brain scans have shown profound inactivity in the amygdala and frontal lobes of the brain in Psychopaths. This lack of development in significant areas of the brain can only be genetic or caused by traumatic injury. Sure continue to try and “treat” Psychopaths at any stage of development and teach them how to be even more dangerous predators.