In The Wild, With Robin Williams: Dolphins

A documentary from 1997 were the late Robin Williams goes on an adventure to the Bahamas and Hawaii trying to discover all there is to know about dolphins who happen to be some of the most endearing animals on this planet, they are not only playful and gentle but also very inquisitive and intelligent.

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  1. Wish this was on dvd for purchase.

  2. Robin, you were a beautiful person, your sweet and loving nature comes through in this documentary with your interaction wih the dolphins. Will never forget you.♡

  3. Robin. … «Llegó a nuestras vidas como un extraño pero terminó tocando cada elemento del espíritu humano. Nos hizo reír. Nos hizo llorar. Entregó su inmensurable talento a quienes más lo necesitan, desde nuestras tropas en el extranjero a los marginados en nuestras calles»