India: A Dangerous Place to Be a Woman

In December 2012 a young medical student was brutally gang-raped on board a bus in Delhi. Horrified by the attack, 28-year-old British Asian Radha Bedi travels to India to uncover the reality of life for young women there.

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  1. 🙁

  2. This Documentary is stupid,she probably got a man jailed for touching her leg,whilst fitting a dress,come on.grow up.

    • dan you are not the eye witnes and accused have confessed right?

    • The ones who need to “grow up” are the people who think it’s okay or not a big deal to randomly grope/harass somebody.

    • Dan, I can see your point, but please hear me out now. Its absolutely sickening to us women when we find ourselves in that kind of situation. It seems harmless, but it feels to us like a violation. Like we’re at the mercy of some “sicko”
      Asian was a young girl in a foreign country, very vulnerable. Too shy to immediately fight back and put him in his place.
      How many other girls did he do this to, and how far did he go?
      An assertive woman could deck him and called him out for it. His actions would have been nipped in the bud. He might have learned from it, with out the law having to step in.
      In the mean time, how many shy and submissive women would he victimise? He had to be stopped.
      Its not as if he was hung for it. That WOULD be absurd.

  3. The people,both men and women are fighting against this anti-female mind set. The courts heard the public’s outcry and the rapists were sentenced to death.