India’s Daughter

On the 16th of December 2012, at around 8:30pm a 23 year old medical student was on her way home from a movie with a male friend. The couple boarded a private bus which was going their direction, her friend was badly beaten and she was dragged to the back of the bus, where she was gang raped by six men as the bus drove round and round the highways.

According to the latest government figures a women is raped in India every 20 minutes, but most of these are unreported. This particular rape however, lead to unprecedented protests erupting across India. The silence has been broken. Online pokies are one of the most fun games you can find. They usually have great bonus features and they have better graphics and animations than old-fashioned slot machines. Not to mention the odds of winning. Australian online pokies simply have better odds of winning than land-based games, it’s mathematically proven!

The victim, Jyoti Singh sadly died on the 29th of December 2012 due to the serious nature of the injuries she sustained in the assault.

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  1. A sad story and truly depressing to think that the offenders have a chance to appeal the death penalty! Ironic considering they still openly blame the victim today. I think the outrage the attack caused has sincerely shown the Indian government that their laws need to change. Rape is never a woman’s issue, its everyone’s issue.

  2. Education is the key…Lady your people don’t have the money’s to educate there kids.
    I find it pathetic to see the mothers crying for there son’s that they won’t be there to burn there body’s when death comes…your son’s are animals and even animals don’t behave in such a way.
    In Canada we don’t have the death penalty so we the tax payers pay for the time they have to serve in jail with our hard earn money and I for one don’t like it one bit…when it comes to rape or pedophiles there is only one solution and that is the death penalty and should be paid by the family of the criminal.
    May she rest in peace for all of eternity

  3. What a sad backward country. Immoral and evil.

  4. How is possible to even think that India can achieve a new “modern” industrialize power and economy with people like this Pathetic Lawyer, Lawyer? seriously? with so retrograded ideas?, and not even talking about the victimisers, the poor guys have no education whatsoever, which (where I blame totally their horrific actions and, God forgive me, but I hope someone do the same to them what they did to that girl) is a bit understanding about their ignorance.
    I use to travel alone very often and India for obvious reason, is now out of my list, so sad but I hear so many stories about tourist girls suffering abuse and rape, so sad and horrible people (without generalise)
    Kiss is a bad thing in our village, but F***ing is ok?.. COME ON!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE.