Inside: 21st Century Warship

The United States Navy is poised to meet the future with a new generation of high tech transformer like fighting machines. There fast, versatile but also deadly, these are the pioneering warships, USS Freedom & USS Independence and in this National Geographic film we are given a complete tour of there ability and design.

The world has changed and in the 21st century the US Navy must deal with a new wave of violent threats, in response the Navy has issued a new class of warship, the LCS or Littoral Combat Ship, these are designed in such a way as to allow them to enter shallow waters, a game changer in terms of modern warfare.

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  1. Just watched this today (02-03-2017)! I know that this is kinda an “old” flick, but even I can see why these “new” platforms are continuing to have multiple problems, even years after this film was made! They’re making these ships WAAAAY too complex! Too much complex machinery/hardware in an inflexible environment! I hope they get ALL the bugs worked-out, but I get the feeling that the higher-ups pushing the LCS program need to lower their gun sights a little! That’s not to say these platforms should be LESS capable, just less complex! Fair winds and following seas! MMCS(SW), U.S. Navy (ret)