Inside Broadmoor

In this episode of UK Undercover which originally aired in 2002, we head inside Britain’s most notorious hospital, Broadmoor. It’s located 20 miles south of Reading, Berkshire and the inmates found here are some of the most difficult, disturbed and dangerous men and women in the United Kingdom.

Over 30 years ago the producers of this film made another program which exposed some of the scandals that were occurring inside of Broadmoor, these included beating of the prisoners and other such barbaric acts. After many other critical reports the government finally sent in new managers to reform the hospital.

In this film we hear from the men and women who were sent into reform the hospital at that time about how their efforts were sabotaged and upon returning we hear similar tales of abuse.

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  1. I agree that the general public should not be exposed to such dangerous people and after their treatment they should pay for their crimes.