Inside Chernobyl

A short film based on current conditions in Chernobyl & Pripyat. Made on a shoe string budget by the director. An amateur documentary with some professionally fleshed out ideas and research. ” Please note, I am an amateur documentary filmaker and this documentary was made on no budget. The only cost involved were just the travel expenses to the Ukraine.”

Thus begins a heartfelt and well researched documentary that looks to follow-up on a spot of the world that reporters have forgotten about: Chernobyl.

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  1. This guy should have been wearing lead-lined gloves while holding a geiger counter so close to things that he knew were highly radioactive. It’s just common sense. Other than that, it’s important that documentaries like this get made, so that people don’t forget that the danger isn’t over. I knew that Belarus was still very contaminated, but I had no idea that many farms in North Wales still have restrictions due to Chernobyl.

  2. I keep waiting for the freakin Zombies to show up… where’s the freakin Zombies!?

  3. Awesome documentary! Thanks, for sharing friend 🙂

  4. How does that soldier walk around measuring such radioactive items?

  5. awesome doco. Little dissapointed about the lack of subtitles, that would have been great,  and yeah I agree the back ground ambience music is a bit loud but overall this documentary is fantastic!

  6. Looks great, wish there were captions during interviews. Hard to follow the interpreter

  7. Thank you very much for sharing this documentary.  It was very eyeopening and scary is the amounts of still existing radiation.  To visit the nearest grounds is over $500.00 USD so this brought the viewer (me) a great experience. 

  8. All for Plutonium239 for bombs, meanwhile the factorially safer, cleaner, cheaper & peaceful(low 239) Thorium reactors remain an obscure mostly forgotten technology.
    This reality is especially mad here in Japan.   

  9. Nothing new to see or hear.

    • did you expect the Chernobyl disaster to have a different outcome today, different from 1986? No matter how many times you watch Rocky 3, Rocky wins every single time.

  10. I think that this documentary is a very good presentation of what damage can result from nuclear power plants that are poorly managed and maintained. If set up properly and professionally maintained, nuclear power generating plants can produce electrical power very efficiently, but when they’re operated poorly and inefficiently as this one in Chernobyl was they present horrifying and destructive results that reach far beyond the immediate area and cause harmful radiation throughout a very broad area. The effects of this accident are shown through this documentary to be harmful for a very long duration period and this area may never be safe to live in for many generations, if ever. The destructive effects of nuclear power and weapons are just too damaging and I hope that more research is spent on developing more efficient energy sources from the sun and wind or developing safer uses of the earth’s natural resources to power our high-tech life styles. It would be such a sad and horrible setback if an incident such as this one at Chernobyl should re-occur again in a highly populated major center. We should try to learn all we can from this horrible accident in order to prevent it from ever occurring again!

    • You just like to hear yourself talk. This was a communist super power hiding behind the Iron Curtain, your trivial platitudes have no relevance or application here… at all. Besides, that epiphany you were experiencing when writing you comment is basic common knowledge for the rest of us… glad you could finally join us.

    •  Are you on crack? Fukushima

  11. great documentary!, the creator should be very proud of this work!, 

  12. Excellent work, I watch documentaries everyday for the last 5 years. This was done very well, informative without distractions.

  13. That background sound is too loud in comparison to hte narrator’s voice. I’d fix that because it’s a distraction to such a interesting and well filmed documentary.

    • its a fantastic documentary, made on a shoe string budget, and your complaining about the tiny differences between the narrators voice and the background sound?….silly…if your going to comment, dont make them trivial complaints and give credit to where its due!

      • I agree, it is an excellent doc & very well done overall.  The filming, composition, story line & narration.  With that said, I do tend to agree with Mina Mundaca with regards to the background music & effects.  I found it almost impossible to listen to this film with out being driven to distraction by the overlay of sound drowning out the narrator’s voice.

        It is an excellent effort & I certainly do not have the talent to produce a film of this calibre but the fact remains; it is unfortunate that the sound was not tweaked just a little in favour of the voice over, rather than the sound track. 

    • I thought Skrillex replied and was curious to see what was said. Mina makes a good point though. Quality soundtrack makes a huge difference. That old control console is wicked cool btw.