Inside the Dark Web

Its only been twenty five years since the world wide web was created, it affects us all throughout the day, from our personal information to the data footprint we leave behind us, yet it’s now caught in one of the greatest controversy seen to date, surveillance.

The revolutions of US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden have lead many to ask if the web we love has been turned against us, leading to soul searching amongst those responsible for the creation of the web itself. But thanks to a collection of brilliant thinkers and researchers science has been fighting back developing technology to defeat surveillance, protecting activists and in the process coming into conflict with global power but now thanks to a new digital currency known as Bitcoin this technology is sending lawmakers into a panic due to the growth of a new black market in the dark web.

This is the story of a battle to shape the technology which now defines our world and whoever wins will influence not only the future of the internet but the very idea of what it means to be free.

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  1. they always tell you just what they want you to know, never the whole truth. why? i tell you why because you would shoot there butts if you knew. ask this question. where did the technology come from? they had fiber when the rest of us were on party lines. the story goes very deep, short version. they sold their souls for it and they want you to give yours to keep it. welcome slaves are you willing to fight back and even die? if your not your already dead!!!