Inside The Monkey Lab

In this film, Vice News has managed to gain rare access to a nonprofit laboratory located in the Netherlands, the sole purpose of which is to tests some of the worlds most deadly viruses and diseases on live monkeys in order to gain insight into how they can affect the body of these primates. The facility itself is called the Biomedical Primate Research Centre or BPRC and they are allowing Vice News to film inside so we can see with our own eyes whether testing on monkeys and the animals welfare can go hand in hand.

Testing on non human subjects in the past has led to significant breakthroughs, such as the polo vaccine and treatments for HIV and AIDs, the BPRC is the largest facility of its kind in Europe and therefore attracts a lot of negative attention from animal rights activists, regardless of the fact that it is also meant to be one of the more forward thinking labs when it comes to the care of it’s animals.

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