Inside Out

The film “Inside Out” was born out of the angst that even in the 21st century, in a city as liberal and safe and cosmopolitan as Mumbai (India), women’s access to public space is limited and largely relegated to the sphere of purposefulness. Today, women are increasingly accessing the public sphere but with certain restrictions of unwritten rules. They are out there doing only a certain kind of work, dressed a certain way and almost always existing as consumers in markets or malls, caretakers for children in parks, or office-going purposeful women. But what happens when one just wants to be? When one pursues unconventional roles in the public domain? How thin is the line of acceptable conduct in public for a woman, and what happens if one dares to cross it? Can one cross it at all? Can a woman ever access public space as freely and completely as a man, or will she forever be aware of the multiplicity of gazes that are on her, including her own? The film brings out the experiences of different women negotiating public space in their own way. The film also in essence talks of a universal experience of all women attempts at looking at the need to just experience the city purposelessly and in doing so, the need to reclaim, or perhaps claim for the first time, an unfettered access to public space.

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  1. It isn’t so great for women in Canada, either.
    I still won’t walk alone in some area, walk at night or walk into a bar. Lots of women will but I’m too timid.

  2. Meh.
    Not very interesting. Kinda like watching someone’s home movie.

  3. If you watch it on their site rather than that which is embedded the subtitles fit.

  4. Why is the picture of the women in the photo wearing a niqab (face veil)? Some Muslim women choose to wear face veils but its not an Indian thing, is it?

  5. wtf??? what a waste of time and resources

  6. can’t see the sub-titles

  7. This film speaks to power. Women please take what is yours. The men of Mumbai will raise their consciousness accordingly. . . .

  8. This is so fucking stereotypical, I live in Dubai, and this shit doesnt happen in the Middle East.. We could say the same about every American eating McDonalds all the time, Its a stereotype and its prejudice

  9. This is crazy how the women in 3rd world countries, are treated.

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      without providing the service they claim. 

  10. I’ve stayed in Mumbai for over four years, and I have never seen what is talked about in this film. Mumbai is perhaps the only city in the world where women travel in local trains even at unearthly hours and that too alone. As for the clothes, some wear clothes that will embarrass most me. Don’t stereotype the city..

  11. cant watch the doco because you cannot read the subtitles, hidden by the progress bar!

  12. men stare true. but women aslo like it