Inside The Secret World of Incels

A BBC special which takes an in depth look at the “incel” community that can be found online, they are more of a subculture and have now been linked to multiple mass murder cases and hate crimes agains women.

The word “incel” itself is short for “involuntary celibate” and this is how the online group describe themselves, as you can imagine the community consists primarily of sexually frustrated young men, who have found support amongst one another online.

In 2014 “incels” were shot into the mainstream consciousness after a 22-year-old Elliot Rodger shot and stabbed six of his fellow students to death in a pre-meditated attack at the University of California, Santa Barbara. What was his motive? well from viewing the chilling videos he posted online he claimed to be angry by the fact that he was still a virgin and described himself and the “true alpha male”, wanting to demonstrate this by punishing women for not being attracted to him.

Some online forums have up to 40,000 members and feature some of the most depraved notions. This film spends eight months following the notoriously closed community and provides unprecedented access to incels. Told primarily through the personal stories of three men who identify as incels, the documentary explores how an online ideology can push young men towards very disturbing behaviour.

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  1. how is that not a mental illness? “the cat fish man” was pretty disturbing, someone like that should be institutionalized like in patent mental health or prison.