Inside the Superhuman: World of the Iceman

We live in a world where there are all kind of false healers and fake alternative medicine programs you can sign up for. It’s a rare moment in history when somebody comes along who can actually perform real miracles with real evidence to back them up.

Wim Hof has defied logic time and time again, and always under scientific scrutiny. He holds the world record for being able to be submerged in ice for almost two whole hours without his core body temperature changing. He has climbed Mount Everest in nothing but a pair of shorts, and ran a marathon in the desert without drinking any water. He’s even proven in a laboratory setting that he can withstand illnesses using the power of his mind. This being said, he is not a freak of nature but rather according to Wim himself anyone can do what he does, they just need to learn his method, the Wim Hof Method.

Using a combination of cold immersion, breathing techniques and mental focus, anyone can accomplish feats that were previously thought to be impossible.

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