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For decades marine captivity has been one of the most profitable industries in the tourism sector, bringing millions of people from all over the world in to watch these animals jump, splash and play. However, in recent years a much darker side to the industry has come to light.

Whilst many of the marine parks are thousands of miles away Europe still has over 30 dolphin enclosures and some are closer than you think. In this film we see presenter and producer Jonny Meah provide us with a unique point of view, as he meets up with the likes of The Born Free Foundation, Marine Biologist, Ingrid Visser; Ex-Supervisor and ex-trainer, John Hargrove in order to give us both sides of the discussion with regards to marine mammal captivity. You can play lots of games if open an online casino on your mobile device. There you can play these games for a real money bet. There are different deposit limits. If you want to find a minimum deposit casino Australia has in its offer. There you will be able to choose from a number of the leading Australian casinos .

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