Inside the Klan

The KKK has had a surge in popularity, mostly because of the US’s first black president. The Klan claim to have softened, but can an organisation racist to its core really be as benign as they make out?

For those of you who think burning crosses and hooded rallies are relative of the civil rights era, think again. Hate groups in america have doubled in the past decade and it may surprise you who is among their ranks and what their agenda is.

“This is a new deal. It’s nothing like that. I mean it’s totally different,” Michael Carlton, who runs KKK security for the Northern Mississippi branch tells us.

Carlton is at a Ku Klux Klan barbecue, where conversation ranges from good ol’ Southern cooking to why white women shouldn’t hang around black men. With the organisation’s membership growing, apparently in connection with the United States having its first ever black president, it seems to be trying to re-invent itself to appeal to a wider audience.

But however much they try to look like nice, reasonable sorts, there is always a reminder of where they’re coming from. “I’m just not a big fan of blacks in general. To me they’re just a thieving race, just a low, low race.”

And while they continually protest that they’re not looking for violence and have left their lynching days behind them, under the guise of helping enforce rule of law there’s a chilling reminder of the KKK’s past.

“I don’t kill people but I have no problem saying this on this camera: I have no problem with taking somebody, tying them to a tree and whipping them. Giving them an old fashioned whoopin.”

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  1. who monitors these sites? This is a broken video. Hitting the “broken video” button is a joke…nothing happens

  2. after science has proven that race is just a word, these twerps are marching and being assholes for the fact that their melanocytes don’t turn on and their cultural ideas are different..

  3. Funny how those KKK folks shown here are exactly like the blacks they complain about- poor, uneducated, low lifes on welfare and blaming their problems on others. Even got the name of their own clan wrong (KLU klux klan? Really?)

    If they don’t want to be around blacks themselves, that’s fine with me. That’s their right. I don’t particularly want to be around KKK members. But I’m beyond shocked that they were permitted to walk around town openly insulting people for something they cannot help. Being white is not a privilege that you earn, you just got lucky. What they did there should be considered hate speech. But I shouldn’t be surprised, Westboro Baptist gets away with spewing hatred, too.

    • Being white isn’t a privilege, it means one is the proud owner of a virtual “blame me for everyone else’s problems” sign hung around one’s neck.

      And if you’re fine with white folks not wanting to be around blacks, I assume you’re against federal anti-“discrimination” laws that force whites to hire/live around blacks.

      “Spewing hatred” is still free speech in the US. After all, spewing hatred against whites hasn’t sent anybody to jail, has it? Maybe it should, huh?

      • i assume you’re white then, its one of those things where in case you don’t belong to a minority you’ll never realize how much of a privilege being white really is…

        • I assume you’re a racist then…that was a racist remark….plus blacks are not the minority especially in that town…”63 to 65 percent black population in that town”. I love all people and yes what they are doing is wrong but its America…and they have the right to stand up for what they believe in….just like you do…a black person…and I personally think black people lost their race card the minute we put a black man in the white house….we have got to stop associating everything to a color…..If this were black people, Hispanic’s or any other “Race” Marching it would just be another day in the park…but since it is white people its a big deal…like the neighborhood watch guy killing Trevon….the media blew it up but around the same time a “black” woman killed a 12 year old “white” boy by burning him to death with a blow torch???? but nothing was mentioned…does that not strike you as weird? My point is…..we are all equal…but there is too much money to be made from using the race card….Sad but true…I love you all and suggest we pray for these people kkk, black or any “color” person that acts in this manner!

      • Oh please. Being white is a privilege alright. You simply don’t know that because you ARE white and never experienced being a minority. Go live in Detroit, where the majority of the police force is black, for a few weeks, then get back to me and tell me that being in the majority is NOT a privilege again.

        No, I do not believe in any laws that “force” anyone to hire anyone and that includes whites hiring blacks. I wouldn’t want to work for a KKK member so I’d prefer he didn’t hire me because the government says he must. I don’t believe in minority scholarships either.

        Whites not being “forced” to “live around” blacks is a slippery slope because in a sense it’s just a nice way to say apartheid. Just like everyone has the right to hire who they want, everyone has the right to live wherever the hell I want. Besides that, many blacks, whites and Hispanic particularly the working class segregate themselves already. I doubt that blacks will come and live in their all white Mississippi KKK trailer parks. Just like no white person would move in a black ghetto. If one person of the opposite race DARED to move to either, they wouldn’t last long anyway.

        All of that being said, personally I would be HAPPY to give both the KKK, the black panthers and anyone like them their own neighborhoods, business, even cities. Good riddance. Would make it easier to avoid encounters. I don’t want to be around anyone who hates all people of any race but their own, they don’t want to be around me. Perfect. I just know that the government wouldn’t go for that.

        If they were blacks running around with loudspeakers insulting whites, I’d say the same thing. Black panthers saying they want to kill white babies-disgusting. But if THEY said anything of that sort in public, you KNOW it wouldn’t be tolerated. Unless we’re talking about in the ghetto. Anyway, that’s why I used Westboro Baptist as an example. There is a very fine line in between freedom of speech and hate speech.

        • The real privileges are the ones that non-whites enjoy in majority-white countries, i.e., standards of living they could never achieve on their own. Do you think the rioting “youths” in Sweden would be better off if they went back home? Native Swedes would certainly be better off.

          I’m not sure what your Detroit cops comment was about. Blacks are a majority in Detroit, so it makes sense that most of the cops are black. Said cops will also share the general qualities of the black majority, like low average IQ and a pronounced tendency to steal anything that isn’t nailed down. The overall quality of a population will determine the conditions of life in those areas it dominates, which is why European societies (to the extent they haven’t been flooded with non-whites) and East Asian societies are the most successful, with mestizo-majority countries doing significantly worse, and black nations the least successful of all.

          It is good, however, that you recognize, or seem to, the general incompatibility of racial groups, and their natural tendency to self-segregate. However, the regimes currently ruling Western nations have an official policy of multi-racialism/multiculturalism, and they are abetted in this project by the MSM and advert/PR industries, which are functionally wings of the government, and which promote mixing 24/7/365.

          As for apartheid, it was a necessary policy the whites undertook to protect themselves. There, as elsewhere, blacks benefitted immensely from white brains/science/medicine, their population multiplying an order of magnitude beyond what nature would otherwise have permitted.

          And you “KNOW” blacks threatening to kill white children wouldn’t be tolerated? Google “kill white babies,” then. You’ve got a surprise coming.

  4. Steve Howard has squirrels running around inside his head.
    He is a hateful, ignorant little runt of a man.
    How any one could watch “Mississippi Burning” and root for the Klan is beyond me.
    I was shocked that these Klu Klux Clowns were allowed to walk around town with a loud speaker, insulting blacks.
    THEY deserved a good “whopping”.
    I hope their children all end up marrying non-whites.

    • “Mississippi Burning” was laughable anti-white agitprop, its cloying preachiness not even well received by the leftwing Hollywood dirtbag crowd that birthed it.

      The KKK tend to be nutbag Christards, but seeing white men marching openly for their race is a welcome, if rare, treat.

  5. “I’m just not a big fan of blacks in general. To me they’re just a thieving race, just a low, low race.”

    You don’t have to be a KKK member to recognize this as truth.

    It’s the ones who claim that “race is just skin color” who are the real loons.

  6. Its one thing to be proud of your race, but it doesn’t and has never stopped there with the KKK. Every race has good and bad people. This is the ugly side of white.

  7. Well, at least they just seem like silly dumbasses.

    But as the American economy/empire further declines, you may see more of this sort of crap becoming popular.

  8. I know that everyone should have an opinion on things, but it’s so sad that this is someone’s opinion.