Inside Tourette Syndrome

Inside Tourette Syndrome is a film which explores the disorder in great detail, it was produced by Rick Fowler who himself has Tourette’s. Fowler’s main goal in creating this documentary was to help raise awareness by creating a better understanding of what life is like for someone who lives with the disorder.

The film takes us on an extremely interesting trip through the history of Tourette’s and how in the past people with the disorder were mistreated for showing signs of being possessed by the Devil. Through historical records it is revealed that many of todays misconceptions with regards to the syndrome stem from this period in our history.

Every person with Tourette syndrome experiences different symptoms and it is rare for someone to show signs of all of them, but this film touches on many commonly-found symptoms and helps one gain insight into the disorder.

Featured in the film:
Brad Cohen, Gillian Leggett, Kendall Smith, Andrew Stone, Neal Priest, Rick Fowler

Produced by:
Rick Fowler

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