We Can Make You Talk: A History of Interrogation

It happens in every war, prisoners are taken, spies and informant are rounded up, pilots are shot down and captured and many of them will be asked to answer questions, questions that they would rather not answer.

The treatment of suspects in the War on Terror held at Guantanamo Bay sparked a firestorm of controversy, much centering around the methods that military investigators use to extract information from these putative terrorists. Here we discover the development of interrogation techniques and how suspects surrender information.

Interrogation is difficult enough for soldiers to deal with but in this film we also see an experiment take place involving a group of civilian volunteers that spend a weekend being questioned by trained professionals this proves to be quite insightful with regards to how effective these methods of interrogation are.

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  1. this is fabulous – packed full of information and quite riveting to watch the reactions of the subjects. There is enough clear information here to start practicing these techniques on your friends and family immediately! All jokes aside, and insightful and thoughtful film that makes you question all sorts of human behaviours and activities.