Into The Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky

Barbara Brodsky is a channel: the passage through which Aaron, a spiritual being of light and pure energy, enters our world. Into the Mystic is their story: a journey to the very core of their beings, a
place where all distinctions between the two disappear and only love remains. Into the Mystic is our story, too: an examination of the divine spark that resides in each of us. The film combines first hand accounts of mystical experience with academic interviews and ultimately brings us face-to-face with Aaron himself as he reveals the incredible truth about the nature of our existence.

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  1. I love the information presented by the director of this film and I’m assuming it’s the same director as the Spiritual Apocalypse film, based on the one thread that I cannot really handle about the film: the ominous boom accompanied with script. I’m a sensitive Empath and it’s slightly alarming.

  2. why is she lip reading, if she is Aaron? I can see her looking down at the interviewers lips. If she is a higher consciousness surely she can hear with out ears or reading lips?

  3. What’s wrong with LIZARDS? lizards are cool ..

  4. illuminati lizard person? ha… well that name clearly states you are scum…since lizard people are the negative control freaks of the world… and Wilcox…. clearly an idiot. if you had read anything of substance and had any intelligence what so ever you would know thats bullshit… if we are just meat bodies here for no reason… then how do you explain all the insane shit thats been happening here for thousands of years????? fuckin retard. and obviousley neither of you have had any kind of first hand experiences of anything to do with the esoteric/spiritual/mystical side of life or you would know yourself it was real. you are just knockin this shit because you feel and see nothing and have never experienced probably anything out of the ‘ordinary’….im guessing ‘ordinary’ is the most appropriate word for the 2 of you.

    • ow man you just completely missed the whole point of this beautiful lectur

    • Half of your post is just hurling insults at others. If you want to convince people that there is truth to whatever “esoteric/spiritual/mystical” beliefs you hold so dear, then kindly provide a logical, level-headed argument that will sway the naysayers to your position. If there is any merit to your beliefs, then doing so should be easy. However, this type of aggressive post benefits no one.

      • Well put Vox.. This lady just sat here and gave us a beautiful glimpse into some of the universe’s immutable truths and said that the entire thing is based on compassion. All we have to do is love each other. Then we come on here and do exactly what she said not to and condemn our fellow man for maybe not being as far along the spiritual path as we are. Instead of applauding the God inside of them and showing compassion we judge them and attack them for voicing their opinion. Could this disposition be any more hypocritical?

  5. Very good.Only a shallow person, who believes we are meat bodies would think this ridiculous.

  6. Simply ridiculous. Best viewed as a comedy, or with a pyramid shaped aluminum hat on ones head…

    • You are going to freak out when you finally find out all of this is actually true, I was an atheist, scientist, and non-spiritualist before my near death experience. What I have experienced is not explainable by science, period, but heck you will one day experience it yourself. Remember please that this is coming from a neuroscientist with a Phd in the neurobiology of clinical psychology. If you want a glimpse into the science of why this is true than please do some research on quantum mechanics, you know the leading physics theory at the moment 😉