Into The Unknown

Into the Unknown gives us some first hand insight as to the effort that went into building NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. A telescope which is simply revolutionary, measuring in at being 100 times more powerful and the scientific successor to the Hubble Telescope.

The telescope itself is scheduled to be launched March 30, 2021, it will reveal a universe we have never seen before and is poised to answer questions that have intrigued us for thousands of years. Questions such as: How did the universe begin? Where did we come from? Are we alone?

This film provides us with some amazing scenes of the telescopes construction along with some fascinating interviews with the scientists and engineers that built it. This is one of the most daring scientific missions ever attempted and a story for all ages as we attempt to understand our place within the universe.

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  1. Tnx DH… Important Doc!

    “We can see the birth of the universe”
    “It’s our shot 2 confirm livable planets”

    When i saw 1st Hubble shots of Other Galaxies… the Infinity of the ALL inspired me… Can truly say: “Lifechanging Experience!”

    (Hard 2 comprehend negative attitudes 4 This Content)

  2. The Hubble telescope is a hoax you morons. Same as the ‘moon landing’. It has been totally proved that man did not go to the moon. Same with the Hubble. The ‘photographs’ of other galaxies is photoshopped in labs in Houston.
    The Earth is flat and a growing number of people are waking up to this observable obvious fact.
    Wake up sheeple.

  3. Ridiculous they would create the Webb with the intention of not “ever” being able to service it. Just because it will be out of reach now…doesn’t mean it will be out of reach near the end of it’s fuel supply. Fucking stupid.

  4. Maybe then we can get some colour images of the moon?
    I wont hold my breath tho, that would discredit an infamous historical event