Invaders From the Sea

A BBC Worldwide-IMO Production “Invaders From the Sea” gives a unique insight into an important environmental issue: the trnsfer of harmful organisms in ships’ ballast water.

Filmed by the internationally renowned BBC Wildvision, this amazing story looks at how this phenomenon is affecting our coasts and millions of lives around the world and the measures taken by the global community to fight against these alien stowaways. Globallast is a cooperative initiative of the Global Environment Facility, United Nations Development Programme and International Maritime Organization.

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  1. Once again it’s all your fault. If people just lived in caves and farmed their front yards instead of shipping things all over the world we’d all be safe. Now we are screwed. Again.

  2. Maybe the Zionists, with compliance with the CIA, sent the jellyfish to Iran. Because the Zionists are what the Nazis were. Lebensraum is happening in Palestine right now!! I dare anyone to debate me on this FACT.

  3. Its all gotta go somewhere.. Unfortunately its the Sea.