Invading Iraq: How Britain & America Got It Wrong

It was a war fought to uncover weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) but it appeared to be known that Saddam Hussein did not have such weapons. The British and Americans had anticipated being welcomed as liberators along with the Iraqi army switching sides and help run the country but there was nobody to receive a surrender from.

The conflict which started in 2003 was intended on being a war of peace and democracy but it quickly became apparent that this would not be the case as it raged on for eight long years. It was a war of miscalculations that did much to shape the Iraq of today and in hindsight those who were commanding the western armies felt that the planning which happened was based against a false set of assumptions.

This is two hour special is the story of the Iraq War and its legacy, told by the people who fought it and endured it.

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  1. only half the documentary here

  2. Any way that kills Muslimes is justified.