Invisible Children

Without having seen the suffering in Northern Uganda, I’m appalled frankly, it’s a moral outrage to see thousands of children that have been abducted, that are maltreated, that go through the most horrendous torture by the rebel movement and also the same groups now being neglected, to some extent, by the whole international community. I can not find any other part of the world having an emergency at the scale of Uganda with so little international attention. What started out as a film-making adventure in Africa, transformed into much more, when the three young American’s (Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey, and Laren Poole) original travels took a divine turn, and they found themselves stranded in Northern Uganda. They discovered children being kidnapped nightly from their homes and subsequently forced to become fight as child soldiers. This film is dedicated to exposing this tragic, and amazingly untold story.

Even at this moment, in Uganda, Children as young as 8 are methodically kidnapped from their homes by a rebel group called the “Lord’s Resistance Army” (LRA). The abducted children are then desensitized to the horror of brutal violence and killing, as they themselves are turned into vicious fighters. Some escape and hide in constant fear for their lives. Most remain captive, and grow to maturity with no education other than life “in the bush” and fighting in a guerrilla war. Of the many ramifications that a 20 -year-long war can cause, the film “Invisible Children: Rough Cut” highlights what the community refers to as “NIGHT COMMUTERS.” We watch thousands of children “commute” out of fear, from their villages to nearby towns each night in order to avoid the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) abductions. They sleep in public places, vulnerable, and without supervision.

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  1. Now that the boogie man has arrived it looks like its time for the western empire..err saviors to invade Africa and suck up that lake of oil that Uganda is sitting on…err I mean um save the kids, yeah, its all about the kids, it couldn’t possibly be about the diamonds or the oil could it?

  2. at least these guys are doing whatever they can with their “naivety” to do what they can to raise awareness.. stop hiding behind your damn computers and do something. HATS OFF TO THEM!

  3. at least these guys are doing whatever they can with their “naivety” to do what they can to raise awareness.. stop hiding behind your damn computers and do something. HATS OFF TO THEM!

  4. at least these guys are doing whatever they can with their “naivety” to do what they can to raise awareness.. stop hiding behind your damn computers and do something. HATS OFF TO THEM!

  5. There’s no money profit in helping these people, and if there is no profit then the people who can help them, will not. If you want these types of situations to end, you have to look way beyond just donations, and foreign aid. You have to look at the situation as a whole, and see that we have to change the world view altogether. The Zeitgeist Movement is the only movement (that I’m aware of) that targets the source of this type of problem, and is the only real solution to it. If you think this is terrible, and you want to help these people, please inform your self, go to and be amazed at what we can do in this world.

  6. Invisible Children is a non-profit that have been a huge part of the move towards peace in Uganda. This documentary has been a part of awakening a generation from apathy. Check out and see all that Invisible Children is doing to end this conflict. There are also several Invisible Children films.

  7. This isn’t about what you think about the people this is about the organization and helping people that don’t have the resources we have. This movie is sad but it makes you think and want to help people.

  8. haha these guys are total acidheads or at least stoners.

  9. Wasn’t bad for a rough cut.. Its sad to see this going on with basically no support from the US or elsewhere.. This problem is directly related to the tantalum industry and hence why no world support will be coming anytime soon.. The LRA is essentially funded through the trade of Tantalum.. Tantalum is a staple out of Africa.. Like blood diamonds beforehand tantulum is now the problem.. While I agree something needs to be done, the removal of Kony incharge of the LRA while a good dream is practically impossible.. Our satellites cant track through thick canopy covers.. Military resolution isn’t very likely unless the US or others want a bloodbath of child\LRA \US (etc) soldiers.. A more effective way to deal with the situation would be to essentially bankrupt the LRA.. Unfortunately the African economy simply will not survive without being able to export raw goods..

    The use of blood tantalum by major corporations throughout the world is startling although you will likely never see it due to the fact that these corporations now have middle men to receive the tantulum out of Africa.. They of course then purchase from the middle man claiming this is good clean tantulum when the corporations themselves know this is not the truth.. Ask yourself.. Is the cell phone you are using comprised of clean tantulum? I doubt it.. I don’t think one single corporation can say for a fact they know 100% that they are using clean tantulum..