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  1. I’m only a few minutes in but I’ve seen much worse poverty than this. India, for example, has much worse areas and the drug problem’s there are completely out of control. You can see more desperate people than this just walking through the rougher neighborhoods of any major city in the U.S.

    • I think you’ve missed the point here. It’s not about what country has been faced with the worst poverty. The aim of this documentary is simple, to put across the forgotten issues in Iran and in particular the lack of hope for the future. It’s quite clear that poverty exists all over the world and this clip is simply just portraying the crisis in Iran. With all the focus in the media on Iran’s nuclear program, it’s vital that documentaries like this give an opportunity to the innocent civilians who are desperate to get their voices heard.

  2. If only i could understand it. The look of the first kid breaks my heart:(

  3. no subtitle translations!

  4. This documentary is difficult to understand why it is here, listed on this site. Has Allah taken over our Documentary Heaven in a Documentary Jihad that we are unaware of. The poor people of Iran have had a pretty rough time of things lately and their political leaders have been severelly cruel and murderous with them, I can only assume that their dream will be unfinished as long as it takes them to find a decent andt affordable translator so that their dream can be understood and steps can be taken to accomplish their dream…whatever it is!

    • You are right, no subtitles on this documentary. Maybe they couldn’t afford a decent translator. You must have wasted so many minutes of your life, really trying to understand Farsi.

      But don’t make fun of other people’s dreams and aspirations by trying to be funny and calling their dreams “whatever it is”, referring to this site as Documentary Jihad and generalizing all the people of Iran with the epithet poor. Your comment oozes arrogance all trough. We all get it, no subtitles. Quit trying to be funny, you’re just embarrassing yourself.

  5. no translation!