Iraq Conspiracy

The second war against Iraq (also known as “second gulf war”) started in March 2003. Over 5 years ago from now. According to Bush & Co. the war is to bring peace and democracy to Iraq and to fight terrorism, but this documentary brings up a conspiracy theory that questions the official reasons for this war. This documantary about the Iraq war might help to find the truth behind the lies we get offerd through government-controlled media.

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  1. Anyone who’d like to hear an in-depth breakdown of the history between the USA and Iraq/Saddam Hussein and the resulting two wars in Iraq, I highly recommend the 10-episode podcast Blowback. You’ll come away with a far greater understanding of the what/how/why of all that happened, and why the story continues to this day. 10 stars and two thumbs up.

  2. convincing, I had been searching for this why from quite some time now.. thanks…so people have reasons to fight against US

  3. A very interesting doc. I think that the war in Iraq was probably because of a combination of both of the reasons mentioned in this doc.