Iraq: The Final Judgement

On the 6th of July, 2016, the long awaited Iraq Inquiry released its findings, it strongly criticised former prime minister Tony Blair and his government, stating that they led the country into war based on flawed intelligence that should have been challenged. At 2.6 million words the report also goes into detail on how Britain had joined the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 without having first exhausted all peaceful options.

In this film we see reporter Jane Corbin revisit Iraq after having been embedded with British troops when they invaded and when they pulled out after six long years of war. Corbin brings with her parents who lost their son to the war and meets up with the general who led these British troops into battle as they look back at what went wrong.

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  1. My goodness. Why do we keep doing this to so many poor and innocent people. The arrogance of so many people & lack of accountability illustrates that atrocities such as this may continue. Very, very sad.

    • The US needs to keep the petrodollar system going or the economy would totally crash and Saddam was going to set up a new oil bourse dealing in Euros instead of petrodollars.
      Big mistake. He had to be removed. It was sad that a million Iraqis died in the process but it had to be done.

      • I love the moderators who have to remove comments that clearly play on their conscience. Doesn’t change the facts . It had to be done. Are you serious? Petrodollar? What are you talking about. you arent even close!

  2. Take Notice: Wherever this White House goes with its Ideology of “Political Correctness” Corruption, Division, Chaos, Death, and War follows. Notice, how The United States Of America’s Culture is in decay just like their Economy is in decay, and the only thing that is not in decay is The Congress, The White House, Big Banks, The War Machine, and Wall Street. Iraq is in fragments because it now cannot become United; therefore, divided it falls just like the saying “United we stand and divided we fall.” Terrorists flourish in areas that are fragmented just like Iraq is even in the year 2016 which secures the investments that are into Warfare; therefore, you can see that there will be more invasions into The Middle East to come. The United States Of America is also fragmented just like its Economy and The Middle Class. This is not a coincidence but rather a well thought out Plan of a White House that is becoming The New Roman Empire under its Plan For A New American Century. So, just like The Politically Correct Roman Empire was so be The Politically Correct White House, and as result, wherever The Politically Correct White House goes you will see Corruption, Division, Chaos, Death, and War follow, and because of this you will see The Politically Correct White House invading The Middle East again; in fact, you will see The United States of America at War probably every 10, 20 or 30 years; thus, protecting The White House’s investments into Warfare in order that the investments do not decay because this is where The White House has invested the entire United States Of America’s Economy; that being, into WARFARE. Now, you can see that in order for The Politically Correct White House to secure the Nation’s Economy’s Investments in War, there needs to be more War, and with words of Peace this can lead to the destruction of The World because The Politically Correct White House needs War to survive. Now watch: “IRAQ FOR SALE !” EYE 5